The Hon lab @ UT Southwestern is hiring!

We are actively seeking highly motivated students and postdocs with a keen interest in gene regulation, and particularly in developing massively parallel single-cell and genome editing approaches to understand and engineer cellular circuits.

We especially value creative, energetic, and fearless individuals. Crazy ideas are a plus. We firmly believe that the modern biologist must be adept at experimentation as well as computation, and we are committed to training these scientists to succeed as future independent investigators.

Prospective postdocs: We are seeking new colleagues with diverse training experiences, and we are especially excited about individuals with experience in:

  1. single-cell and regulatory genomics
  2. statistical and machine learning
  3. mammalian gene regulation

Please contact: .

Prospective grad students: Interested in joining the lab? Contact us to discuss possible rotation projects.

We are current affiliated with 2 graduate programs at UT Southwestern: Genetics, Development, & Disease (GDD) and Computational & Systems Biology (CSB).